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The Restoration Process

We offer complete rebuilding & restoration through our sister-company, Midwest Piano Restoration.. While we focus on piano service and moving within Wichita Piano, Midwest PIano handles all rebuilding and player piano installations. 




The first step in the restoration process is to disassemble the piano completely. Precise measurements of internal components are made before removal to be diagnosed at a later step in the restoration process. All strings and tuning pins are removed followed by the soundboard and pinblock. Following disassembly any of the structural components that do not meet new standards are repaired and the structural part of the case is ready for the cabinet / exterior restoration.

piano 2.jpg

Cabinet Restoration


The existing exterior finish is removed, damaged veneer and / or carvings are repaired or replaced and a closed pore lacquer finish is applied and hand-finished to perfection. All brass hardware is buffed and nickel hardware is re-plated. The original manufactures logos are applied.

piano 3.jpg

Plate Restoration


The cast iron plate is carefully inspected and repaired where necessary prior to being re-gilded in Steinway gold. New agraffes are installed and the capo bar is reshaped or replaced as necessary. All raised lettering is repainted by hand and model and serial numbers are repainted on the plate using new laser-cut stencils custom-made for each instrument.

piano 4.jpg

New Soundboard


A new diaphramized sitka spruce soundboard is installed and the bridges received new maple caps. They are then drilled, notched, and pinned after being planed to the appropriate height for the correct downbearing. Damper guide rails are re-bushed and ready for installation during stringing.

piano 5.jpg

New Pinblock


A new Steinway style maple pinblock is fitted to the plate and glued and dowelled into the case. Tuning pin holes are then drilled after installation and the piano belly is ready for stringing.

piano 6.jpg



New plain-wire strings are now installed followed by the finest bass strings made from JD Grandt.

piano 7.jpg

Action Restoration


Only necessary repairs are made to the keys; including new keybushings, backchecks, tops, or an entirely new custom-made keyset, if needed. Renner, Steinway, or Abel action parts are available as custom options. Dampers are re-finished and re-felted. The action in now regulated and balanced to provide a smooth and even touch-weight that is highly responsive and easily controlled at all dynamic levels.

piano 8.jpg

Tuning and Voicing


This is the final step in the restoration process. The piano is tuned to A440 and voiced to produce optimal color, tone, and power; ready for delivery to its home or venue where the final adjustments will be made.

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